Appearance of Bansuisou

About Bansuisou

About Bansuisou

Bansuisou is what Hisamatsu Sadakoto corresponding to 1922 years old Matsuyama lord of offspring (that's Hisamatsu of) Earl, was built as a villa.
Of Sadakoto Earl favorite France life was longer as the Army military attaché, of pure French-style building, various circles celebrities gathered as the best socialize at that time, when it is your Lichen royal family, you in where it was sure to stop over. In addition, according to Matsuyama visit of Hirohito prince (Emperor Showa after), it has also been reported to have hastened the completion.
Bansuisou has escaped the ravages of war, as a valuable building to leave the state of the building at that time as it is, became the Ehime Prefecture designated tangible cultural property in 1985.
Then, two buildings of Bansuisou main building and the management people building has been designated as a national important cultural property on November 29, 2011.

Building the thing is also you, but now art, paintings, hanging scrolls, traditional work of art, various types of events, we are at any time a solo exhibition. Although in the same site is gathering of haiku poets have Gudabutsuan had been done, all broken by the landslide of July 2010, it is currently only a vacant lot.

About Iyo Matsuyama clan

Matsuyama Castle

Matsuyama clan is the Edo era, Iyo Province Onsen District clan that possession and in the center (the current of Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture) Kume District, Noma County, Iyo-gun. Clan Agency will be to Matsuyama Castle.

About Hisamatsu Sadakoto

About Hisamatsu Sadakoto

In 1922 it built a Bansuisou as villa Hisamatsu Sadakoto (it's Hisamatsu of) Earl, the Japanese Army soldier, is nobility. In a is Hisamatsu house of family head Iyo Matsuyama lord, served in infantry first trip leader, infantry fifth trip leader, class has led to the Army lieutenant general positive second place Grand Cordon of the Order Earl. Sadako wife is the daughter of Shimazu Tadayoshi Duke (Satsuma clan-12th feudal lord).

Highlights of Bansuisou

Bansuisou introspection

Bansuisou is, first floor basement of the total area 887.58m2 (268 square meters), three floors, is the oldest reinforced concrete building in Ehime Prefecture. Magnificent in high style called neo-Renaissance, many of western architecture, but is symmetrical, Bansuisou the aesthetics of the imbalance of the Japanese, have been constructed in the left-right asymmetry.
On top of the pillars of the driveway and the entrance hall of the front, it is seen ornaments derived from the Greek architecture, called the Corinthian. In addition, using a copper plate in the top of the roof, steep slope beneath it is a natural slate roof. Is the Art Nouveau style, which predominate in Europe in the early 20th century.
At the tip of the lightning rod, is seen devised in various places is used old Japanese gold coin of Matsuyama clan.

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